Jul 17, 2008

Obama is Bush, McCain is Change. Repeat. And Again.

The McCain team has decided on a new game plan. This one involves attempting to convince the American public that Obama is the guy is most like Bush on the Iraq war. If we were unable to read, watch videos or understand words, he'd totally win this one.
On a conference call with reporters, McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann compared Barack Obama's insistence on a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq to Bush's insistence that we were winning even as things went badly for years.

I think the American people have had enough of inflexibility and stubbornness in national security policy," Scheunemann said. When asked later by the Huffington Post's Sam Stein whether the campaign was disparaging President Bush, Scheunemann dug in: "We cannot afford to replace one administration that refused for too long to acknowledge failure in Iraq with a candidate that refuses to acknowledge success in Iraq.

By "success" he means, "the country has been ethnically cleansed and religions are now totally separated - in most cases by giant walls through neighborhoods."

This might be the worst run campaign since...Hillary.

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