Jul 17, 2008

New Recruits!

It seems the military is having a hard time convincing young men to sign up to die or go crazy in Iraq. Well, what's a recruiter to do? How about appealing to the worst of the worst?
The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office paired with the Newport-based Army recruiter on Saturday July 12, in an effort to convey information to jail inmates about the possibility of serving in the U.S. armed forces.

This effort is another step by the sheriff's office to allow incarcerated individuals the opportunity to give back to the community.

Yes please, give back, won't you? I can think of nothing better than teaching criminals how to kill better, giving them PTSD and setting them loose on American soil a couple of years later.
Staff Sergeant Justin Morlock of the Army recruiting office in Newport gave some of his own time to the project and was on hand to provide information to all interested individuals. Over a time frame of two hours, Morlock was able to contact more than 30 inmates, out of which three were found to be eligible for military service.

So, 27 dudes were too criminalish? This war is going great.

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