Jul 16, 2008

Moron Shows Why He is a Moron

You may not know Douglas Feith. He is one of the architects of the Iraq War. His job was to filter all intelligence reports to make it appear Iraq was going to kill us all with a knife within minutes. He kind of left out all the important facts, like the ones that revealed Iraq was not much of a threat. Oh, and General Tommy Franks once called him, "The dumbest guy on the planet." So, that's a kick ass resume.

Yesterday, Dougy was in front of House Judiciary subcommittee answering questions during a hearing on torture. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) asked Dougy if a 20-hour interrogation that included “hooding” and “removal of clothing” was humane. Feith then sparkled in a way on Doug Feith can.
NADLER: : Let me ask you. How could you force someone to be naked –

FEITH: It doesn’t say naked. It doesn’t say naked.

NADLER: Removal of clothing. Removal of clothing doesn’t mean naked?

FEITH: Removal of clothing is different from naked.

Right. You still have your skin on. Also, hair. God put hair on your johnson so you would not be naked.

What a tool.

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