Jul 10, 2008

Kentucky May Join This Century

Seriously, what the fuck goes on in these states? How backwards and ridiculous can you be?
Kentucky lawmakers are considering making electric cars, like the Zap, legal in Kentucky.

Legislators are introducing a bill to allow the low speed electric vehicles to be licensed on certain streets and roadways. Right now they are legal in Indiana, but not in the Commonwealth.

Wow, thanks. Thanks for "considering" electric cars. Is recycling illegal in Kentucky?
Senator Gary Tapp said it would be a good idea for several reasons.

"With this way of transportation, we can begin our way to independence from foreign oil," Tapp said. "Hopefully we are paving the way for more jobs and reduce peoples transportation costs and increase the bottom line to small business."

Really!?!?! Electric cars will help ween us off oil? Holy shit! Hey, everybody, Kentucky gots an idear!
Ironically, Zap, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, is planning on building a new plant in the Commonwealth.

That's actually beyond ironic. There is no word for that.


Anonymous said...

fuck you pal. at least kentucky dont have to worry about bagging water down from alaska: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/05/25/MN50871.DTL
(an idea put forth almost 30 years ago by Frank Herbert in his The Dragon in the Sea)

DA said...

Well, you can't bag water and bring it in because you don't have an ocean to float the boats.