Jul 13, 2016

The Serious Problem Of No Indictment

I have a small point to make regarding Hillary Clinton because I don't see anyone saying it.

We are living in a time of great anger toward the system.  The powers that be have lost the people.  Plain and simple. No one believes in the government.  Not those on the left, not those on the right,and not those in the middle (Well, a few of those).

This isn't something that we arrived at overnight. It was a long process our representatives built over time.  Over and over, we have been shown there are different laws and rules for those who govern and for the rich.  I believe one of the things that is driving this anger at its deepest level is the economic destruction after the housing crisis.  It still remains.  Older people have not recovered their investments because they were wiped out.  Those who lost their houses are renters.  Many who lost their jobs did not return to work or now work in service positions for much less.  The recovery has been for the few.

And who was prosecuted for the blatant wrongdoing?  Who paid for destroying our economy?  No one.  Who led us into a war based on false information and lies about the ease of that victory?  Who paid for that?  No one.  Who is paying for the killings of black Americans?  No one.  The examples of politicians, the rich, and those with power getting away with illegal acts is endless.

Actually, I should correct myself. Who paid for destroying the economy?  The people.  The people bore the brunt of it.  The rich bought new boats.  It's not like that's invisible. Everyone knows this.   Though there are not specific things one can point at, it is now a feeling that permeates our society.  It is a thing.  Much like if someone robbed you of all of your possessions and money and you knew who it was but couldn't do anything about it.  So, everyday you walk around with that in your head.  It becomes a part of you.  That feeling of, "THIS IS WRONG."

That is where we are.

It wears on people.  It breaks a society.  What are you without the rule of law?  Those without justice and hope will make their own justice.  We saw that in Dallas last week.  We are seeing it with the rise of Trump and socialism on the left.

There is one thing you could do that would be worse than all others in an environment like this. Nominate an establishment politician and who has done something that is on the edge of legal.  And then have that politician get away with it.

You have sunk an arrow directly into the feeling that permeates society and is feeding its rage.  You hit the soft spot.

 And he now leads her in polls in swing states in the "honesty" category.  DONALD TRUMP LEADS HILLARY CLINTON IN HONESTY IN OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA AND FLORIDA.  Let that sink in.

Poking the bear at this time is shockingly stupid, Democrats.   But that's what you just did.  Hope it works out.


Andrew Hall said...

When criminals aren't prosecuted people are bound to lose faith in the system. Anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you that legal procedures are there to make sure we don't kill each other. When the populace loses faith in the law we get crazy. Lot's of crazy.

Mark Thomas said...

Thank you for saying it.

mr. fenderson said...

Just came across this. TRUTH. And the only Repub she could beat, turned around and beat her. AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS LEARNED NOTHING FROM THIS.

I fear for this country's future.

kongponleu88 said...

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