May 3, 2016

One thing you'll notice if you pay attention to this election and past elections of members of the DLC, like Hillary, is a complete and total contempt for the working class.  They see blue collar workers as something from the past that should perish.  There is no place for them in the world they envision.

There is a lack of humanity to their world view, one that leaves millions of Americans struggling and suffering.  In this case, it's not that those who make their living from coal will be living high off the hog in the near future, but the callous disregard for them as humans.  Sure, she followed it up with how she'd help them.  I'm sure it will be similar to the way none of the other blue collar workers whose jobs went south of the border were helped.

Close your eyes and picture clean energy companies taking their business to coal country and giving them jobs.  Yeah.  Okay.  That's why her first comment is so ugly.  And truthful.

This opinion of blue collar workers is a holdover from the Goldwater days, when the Democratic Party made a conscious decision to leave these people behind. They openly discussed it and wrote about it.  And this belief is what free trade is built upon. The total and complete disregard of an entire demographic of people in America.

And those people are the fertilizer for some dark forces. They are giving us Trump now, what will they give us after Trump?

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