Sep 6, 2012

My Phone Was Near Humidity or Rain or Something

That's the summation of why Consumer Priority Service won't be paying my claim for my phone. It's not that much money, to be honest. But it is a scummy, sleazy business practice they have going. I'll sum up what happened as quick as possible. I wanted to try out a Windows phone, so I bought a used HD7 off for $120. At the time I was offered insurance through a company called Consumer Priority Service. I figured, why not? I bought insurance. Phone worked great. Loved Windows.

Then the phone died a month ago. I took it to a very reputable phone repair shop around the corner. They believed it was the motherboard and said it was not worth the cost to repair. They also told me there was no water damage or surge damage. So, I opened a claim and sent it to Consumer Priority Service. I was told the issue would be resolved within two weeks. Two weeks passed. I emailed. I was told to wait. Then two more weeks passed. I called. Today I received this email:
Based on the information provided to our representative in case # 082-0U7-086-SMW, Consumer Priority Service must unfortunately return your equipment unrepaired. The service center technician has indicated that your product is beyond economical repair (BER) due to water/liquid damage found upon examination. Liquid damage does not necessarily mean that your product has been dropped or immersed in liquid or liquid has been spilled on it. Unfortunately, this type of damage may be caused by something as simple as high moisture content in the air or using your device on a rainy day. The service center has also informed us that a reliable repair is not possible to your equipment due to this damage.

This type of damage is unfortunately not covered under you equipment's warranty.
So, apparently I used my phone when the humidity was high. I can't imagine the failure rate of phones in Florida. And Seattle because of all that rain.

 What I am most surprised about is the lack of ability to conjure up a reasonable lie to avoid paying out the insurance policy. Look, it's only $120. That's not much, so I'm not bent out of shape. But the point is, they are supposed to provide a service and this sounds like a dog ate my homework excuse not to pay out.

 My point: Don't use Consumer Priority Service. Although, I do consider this to be my fault because I usually do a quick Google search to find out if a company is reputable. Had I done so, I would not have chosen to insure with Consumer Priority Service.

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