Aug 17, 2010


I've discovered I'm over politics. I'm not sure what happened. I just don't give a fuck anymore. A large part of it was due to watching the Democrats as they completely ignored the majority of Americans in favor of crafting a bill for corporations. I guess that was to be expected but when combined with the other blatant and horrible legislation rolling out of Washington, it's just a bit too much for me.

Then toss in the blind followers of Obama who will dig up any excuse/talking point to defend against legitimate criticism and I'm done. It's like no one has ever seen politics before. Guess what? You have to fight for shit and you have to fight hard. That's how it works. But at the end of the day, it's not that they don't want to fight hard, it's that they have no problem screwing the common man to make Goldman Sachs a couple more bucks. We want them to fight. They don't give a shit.

And, I know, I know, government has always been corrupt, blah blah blah. But it has never been this bad. Never. The fucking the working man over in favor of Wall Street is blatant and stunning. They used to try to hide this shit. No more. Now they do it and toss you a bone and expect you to like it. If you don't, well, you "just don't get the reality of the situation."

No, I do get the reality of the situation. Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress were handed a country in ruins. They were given the same opportunity domestically that Bush was given foreign policy wise after 9/11. The possibility to get something true and meaningful done. The possibility to really turn the ship. But they did no such thing, just as Bush after 9/11. The passed legislation list is long and appears great in their "win" column but in truth, it is mostly hollow and simply not what was needed. Something greater was needed. Something more bold.

I've never really been this disillusioned about the country. I really think we are completely fucked. And not like I did under Bush. To me, this is much worse because there will always be leaders who come along and totally blow it. They have been a part of history. But it's the guys who come after them who are supposed to fix things, change direction and alter the path of ruin. The Democrats have done no such thing. And now the Republicans have gone completely insane.  This will end in ruins.

The Republican march to madness has allowed the Democrats to shift even further to the right, to a place where corporations are all that matters. It's a fucking disaster. There is no one looking out for the little guy anymore and that will not be changing anytime soon. This was the chance but the guy who took the reigns wasn't all that much better than the previous guy. At this point it is just a plunder of America.

Am I comparing Obama to Bush? No. They are two different leaders with two different overlords. But they both seem to me to be bad presidents. And the Democratic Congress is a pool of filth.

So, I'm pretty much done writing about politics. I won't vote for a Republican or Democrat for the rest of my life. I'm done.

Not sure where to go from here as far as the blog goes. I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums up the view of America from the outside. Can't blame you for running out of steam on the topic.

Jezcabelle said...

I'm pretty much wearing a satin robe & singing songs of solidarity in the background. I've always enjoyed your rants, political or not. Thanks.

pagnaet said...

Can't blame you. The wave of Stupid will soon overtake this land; rationale and intelligence swept out with the tide. The Monsters are winning. The Idiocalypse has begun.

Dominik said...

Your angertainment will be greatly missed. But you have to promise to come back if Sarah Palin ever becomes president.

NB said...

The future of this blog? More like this is always welcome (much like the other content you've posted, actually).

John said...

If you're not using comedy to make people see the truth, what's the point? I mean I thought that was half the job. Make people laugh while realizing the wrongness of their misconceptions. If that's not what you were trying to do in the first place, what was the point of all this? Narcissism? Propoganda? I thought it was stop all monsters, not stop republican monsters. Hold everyone up to the light.

Anonymous said...

It's the humor that will get us through this bullshit. Keep hammering away at the assholes. Don't let the bastards beat you down.

Protoclown said...

As a big fan of your writing, I certainly hope you change your mind. But whatever you decide to do, whether you move away from politics or not, I hope you continue to find and expose horrible monsters in your usual scathing and humorous way.

libhom said...

I like your blog and hope it continues.

If you are over the Democrats, you can always support the Greens.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading what you write about politics.

The only real credit I can give Obama is the fact that he's not Bush is pretty sad, because that's really not saying much. At least Bush had a vision (evil!) but damn, he did it. He consistently just did things that pissed me off, but they were things he wanted to do. Obama is constantly just fending off things stupid things like what he thinks about a mosque being built, or if he's a Muslim.

I'm just tired of the lies and bullshit.

Mostly I'm tired of the media not doing its job. We live in an information age, and sadly a lot of that is false information. The media needs to start covering the truth and not what they think we want to hear about.

Anonymous said...

The downfall of the information age was 24 hour news. News became entertainment & all they are concerned about now is ratings.

Louis said...

What? Fuck that shit! You can't quit. You and the Rude Pundit were my regular doses of contemptuous liberal rage.

And now, with the media and the current administration so dead set on not doing their fucking jobs, that's when we need guys like you the most.

We need intelligent, funny guys like you hurling obscenities at the abyss. We need you to pants the powerful and toss them into the girls locker room.

We need you.

And truth be told, if you are really the kind of guy who's going to pack it in just because it all looks like too much work, then maybe you were never in a position to critisize the ineffectual and the weak amongst the democratic party who've been letting us down for the past ten years. Not if you're going to be the guy who quits.

Put another way; Are you really going to tell me that you lost your hard on before Glenn Beck did? Because that is really sad.

James Adomian said...

Yeah, the wise have figured out that it's time to give up on national politics, go local and focus on nurturing sustainable communities.

Still probably good to keep up on alternative news and geopolitical developments in a more passive way, just to be aware of where the bastards are going to attack next, without getting worked up about it -- like following the weather.

Most of us are doomed, but not all of us.

JustMad said...

Great. I read this the day it posted and thought maybe your computer was taken over by feral squirrels trying to make us think you were done. Ever the optomist (ridiculous) I check back only to see the horror! Now WTF do you expect me to do when I think no one else IN THE WORLD "gets it"? You get your ass back on here and rage!

Medd said...

If DADT gets repealed I hope Coach Gene Hackman slaps you on the ass with his playbook and subs you back in the game. The team needs you

Paula said...

Do you have an alternate interweb place? Like a tumblr?

John Myste said...

That is the most depressing set of tumbleweeds I have ever seen.

Can you go over your specific objections to the healthcare bill?

I am not trying to debate you. I want to honestly hear it. I am not a regular visitor to your site, so maybe you have posted on it already.

I ask with much interest and much sincerity.