Jul 28, 2010

Finally, Democrats Speak For The Billionaires

I think I remember a time when Democrats were the party of the working class, the middle class, the guy trying to get by. Holy shit are those days gone. Now they are just a "how can we rape you the hardest?" party.

Today, Senators Lieberman and Conrad came out in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts for the super rich. Because, you know, those tax cuts have worked out so well and we don't want anything getting in the way of the awesome Bush economy.

Today on CNBC, Conrad argued that now just isn’t the time to raise taxes on the wealthy:

We’ve got to be very careful with the timing of what we do. There’s no question in my mind that taxes have to go up on the wealthiest among us. The question is when. I don’t think this is the moment.

Oh, fuck no. Could you imagine if we made them pay the same percentage that, say, a janitor has to pay? What a fucking nightmare. The only way this country works is if rich people can fuck us every possible way and we take it.

LIEBERMAN: We got a long term debt problem as Bernanke said and we gotta begin to bring our government back into balance. Probably in the long term that gonna mean we’re gonna have some more people in higher income levels. But I think that right now, as we’re trying to come out of a bad economy, that would be a mistake. I don’t know if its two years, six months, whether it’s a year, to just hold over these tax cuts so theres more money in the hands of these busineses, small businesses which create most of the jobs, a lot of people are in those upper brackets running those small businesses let’s make sure the economy’s stronger before we start raising taxes again.

Totally. Because the whole lowering of taxes on the Rockefellers gave us nothing but an economic boom. I can't think of a time where we have had a better economy than the years 2000-present. Seriously, don't do anything to blow this.

Please stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. They fucking hate us.


Kay said...

They ARE the part of the working class. Only billionaires are working.

pagnaet said...

If I pay have to taxes, then fuck the richest 3%. They probably make money off the government, anyway, so it's like us paying them to piss us. Also, the idea Lieberman is considered a Democrat is ridiculous. He's either a neo-con plant, or he's on a mission to usher in a new era of antisemitism.

libhom said...

I hope Conrad faces a primary challenge if he runs for reelection. Meanwhile, the Green Party sure looks good this year.