Jun 15, 2010

BP Goes Full Evil

BP is my favorite villain. Although, it is weird that they will eventually kill Superman and Batman and Thor and Godzilla and, well, really, everything. Anyway, BP is doing some great work to deal with this spill situation, like hiring mercenaries to keep people off beaches.

BP, in a move destined to go down as one of the bestest public relations moves ever, has apparently hired a private security company to help to keep pesky reporters from covering the unfolding catastrophe on the beaches of the Gulf Coast. The report comes via New Orleans’ 6WDSU reporter Scott Walker, who last week ran into representatives of a “Talon Security” trying to block him from interviewing cleanup workers on a local beach. Just which of the various companies named “Talon Security” is storming the (public) beaches for BP, however, remains unclear.

Sounds awesome. I can't see how this might be a problem. Was BP done there? Oh, please.

BP has hired investment banks Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Group and Credit Suisse Group as advisers, a source familiar with the matter said, without identifying the purpose of the advice.

We are so fucking doomed.


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