May 24, 2010

My New Podcast

Tried to do a Stop All Monsters podcast but quickly became bored and uninterested in hearing me talk to me. I did one episode. That was enough. I really had no interest in doing interviews because they are a pain to schedule and that's what every comic is doing on their podcast.

Then I thought of my old friend Greg Behrendt. Greg and I go way back. We started doing stand up together in San Francisco and have stayed close since. I worked on his talk show and at one time we actually had our own internet/barely on terrestrial radio show. We have a good time together.

Now Greg has been known for writing a book and being on Oprah and that sort of nonsense but he's looking to sort of leave that behind and get back to his roots: Just straight up comedy. So, I approached Greg and we decided to start doing a podcast.

And this is the first one. Hope you like it. We'll start to figure it out more and more as we go along.

Walking The Room starring Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony

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pagnaet said...

Funny stuff, good music. I had never heard of Y&T, not to be confused with YNT, which is about as far from metal as the spectrum goes. Rock on with the New Wave Princess.