Apr 9, 2010



Justice John Paul Stevens, a Republican-appointed justice who emerged as a leader of the Supreme Court's liberal wing over his 34-year tenure, announced his retirement Friday.

The announcement was not a surprise, but the timing was. Stevens, 89, was widely expected to wait until after the high court's oral arguments concluded at the end of the month. He will step down when the court's term ends in June or July.

Way to walk away when the going gets tough.


Now, how much do you want to bet Obama picks a nominee that freaks out the right wing because he/she is "radically liberal" only to later learn the nominee is a corporate shill who will fuck us for generations? It's the standard Obama playbook. Put something conservative out there, wait for the right wing to freak out, then the left jumps up in defense and Obama chuckles as the country becomes more conservative nonsense passes through.

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