Apr 2, 2010

Bestest Candidate Nominee!

They really know how to make them in Idaho. Governor hopeful Rex Rammel is, maybe, my favorite candidate of all time. A couple of years ago he joked about seeking a license to hunt Obama.

Oh, but that's nothing. A few years ago, Rex ran for the Senate. Out of spite. He was upset that then acting Governor Jim Risch had ordered some of Rammell's elk to be shot because they were unlicensed and could spread disease. Rammell actually held a sit in. ON TOP OF A DEAD ELK.

Rammell allegedly assaulted a young hunter for killing an escaped bull elk and was cited Sept. 29 for obstruction of justice after sitting on the carcass of a bull elk and refusing to get up when asked by conservation officers with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Rammell was acquitted of the obstruction of justice charge. He successfully argued the dead elk was his property and he could do what he wanted with it. He does not, sadly, use a picture of himself lying atop a dead elk as his campaign photo.

So, what's Rammell up to today? He's loving the militia movement! (Fantastic timing!)

"It's because of the current administration's politics -- the more they force upon the states, the more noise there is," he says. "The more concern people have, the less freedom there is. Lots of Idahoans believe the health care bill is very intrusive on our individual rights. ... We are not going to allow them to come into the state and make what we believe are unconstitutional mandates. Even if they can get them passed in D.C., we are not going to all that to happen. These guys want to show a little force behind the scene... I don't have a problem with that."

Also, I'm running for Governor! Sedition and Dead Elk Sitting - Vote for Rammell!

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Paul M Dickey said...

I moved to Idaho five years ago from Boston, and yes all them are nuts around here..... all of our reps vote along the party line.

What is the saddest is the we have some of the poorest people in the country, with high unemployment, yet they believe that the Republican party is looking out for them.