Apr 9, 2010

Apache Pilot Weapon Guide


pagnaet said...

So, the AK-47 can transform into anything? Those sneaky Russians!

Either way, shooting the van was against Geneva conventions. Those pilots should be court marshaled.

Anonymous said...

I thought the reason we had technology like this was so we could target militant leaders and real threats, not a bunch of dudes walking around after a battle. I can understand targeted strikes against leadership, when we KNOW who the targets are... but otherwise NO ONE WHO IS JUST STANDING AROUND SHOULD JUST BE SHOT AT.

This technology obviously needs a LOT more improvement. You can't see SHIT.

KC said...

Its easy to sit in the comfort of your home blogging on the internet and arm chair quarterback something that happened a world away. Feel free to go to your recruiter and join the military and feel free to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men you call monsters and make a difference.