Mar 29, 2010

Who Said Conservatives Aren't Funny?

You can't argue with this kind of evidence. Conservatives are hilarious!

Get it? Obama fucking hates fetuses. So much so, that when they are dead, it's not good enough for him. He then climbs into the dumpster out back and beats them with a baseball bat.

Not only is this cartoon brilliant satire but it is also factually correct. Many people don't realize most abortion clinics keep their fetuses piled high in dumpsters out back. It's just how it's done.

I'm sure this will upset some lefty pinkos - mostly because the image of a barbaric clubbing of dead fetuses is something only a psychopath would envision - but it's for THE CAUSE. This is how we will stop abortion. I can't see how this hilarious cartoon doesn't have some sort of effect on our abortion crazy nation.

I'm going to put this up on the bulletin board at my church because Jesus loved pictures of people beating dead fetuses with baseball bats.


André said...

ah, come on, it's good for a chuckle

John said...

Once upon a time political cartoons would use some element of wit to help sell their message. This is just monstrous exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

Glenn McCoy is the single worst political cartoonist ever (worse even than that "Mallard Fillmore" guy). The example shown is par for the McCoy course. Wretched as always.

- Bob