Mar 2, 2010

Let's Do It


Eric said...

I just saw this in a local rag while I was travelling. Palin was supposed to appear at a charity ebenfit as the keynote speaker. The benefit was for St Peter's and St Joseph's hospitals in Hamilton ON, Canada. The Hospitals backed out of their own benefit because the organizing agency had booked Palin to speak, due to her anti-Universal Healthcare rhetotic.

It's good to see one of the two parties realized that there was a conflict of interests. The fact that Palin didn't (or maybe did) realize she was working for a benefit to support a Universal Healthcare charity is pretty amazing.

Oh, the article also went on to mention that Palin was going to be paid 200k for her address.

Jason said...

I'm pretty sure that Palin is going to be elected President in 2012. America is just that retarded.

Don't get me wrong. There's a good 15%-ish percent of America that is really fucking smart. I mean, we got the rest of these retards to sign up for Facebook. Europe couldn't do that. China couldn't. The thing is,it is all about the numbers. They outnumber us significantly.