Mar 29, 2010

Inside The Mind Of A Militia Loony

The nice thing about the internet is when a lunatic is arrested, you can search and find some wonderful shit.

Here's some great info on how to survive the Apocalypse from Joshua Clough, 28, lunatic. He was arrested today in Michigan with his militia pals because they were going to kill a cop and start a civil war.

In the video, he even tossed in some machine gun, helicopter and jet fighter sound effects. It's the kind of shit I did when I was 9, playing up in the hill behind my house. But he's 28.

He's retarded.


André said...

bombs goin off around him, jets flying by, machinegun fire and the reatard is goin all out "marta stweart camping and sock tips"
dear god...he looks like Bubbles from "trailer park boys"

Anonymous said...

Gee, it's so funny who ended up being the traitor!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that was four minutes of him talking about nothing, and two minutes talking about shoes and socks.

Anonymous said...

best part is him, sitting cross legged , pulling up grass looking like a bored little kid playing army in the woods. good stuff.