Mar 22, 2010

For Those of You Using This Shitty Reasoning...

"Then why was the healthcare industry was spending money against the bill?"

Um. It wasn't. They were both for and against. They wanted to make sure there was no public option and that there was a mandate. They literally got everything they wanted.

Not as much as the drug companies, who, you know, made out like bandits.

A bit of good news for Democrats: PhRMA agreed Tuesday to fund an initial $6 million ad buy in the districts of 38 wavering House Democrats. The pro-reform ads will come from the industry-funded coalition Americans for Stable Quality Care and could hit the airwaves as early as today, a top industry official said. The deep-pocketed trade group didn’t decide how much it would spend in total on the campaign; officials are waiting to review the bill first. The decision to flip the switch on five or six days worth of advertising will come when the industry is comfortable with the bill’s direction. The drug industry is really the only pro-reform group able to match the millions being spent by opponents like the Chamber of Commerce. And the White House had been pressuring the industry for days to OK the ads, industry sources said. So it appears Dems will be getting some air cover soon.

Hmm. Wonder why they did that?

It's just awesome healthcare reform that does nothing to reel in the costs of drug costs. Yay!

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