Feb 18, 2010

Palin Out Tarded

Oh. My. God.

The latest twist in the important controversy of Family Guy making fun of Trig Palin: An actress with Down syndrome said Sarah Palin "does not have a sense of humor." She was in the offending episode.

Andrea Fay Friedman played the girl with Down syndrome Chris dated in the episode.

Then she slams Governor Quitter.

I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line "I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska" was very funny. I think the word is "sarcasm."

In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.

Um. You just got your ass handed to you by a woman who has downs syndrome.


tallulahbankhead said...

How does Palin attack Andrea without coming off looking like Rahm Emanuel?

Tune in tomorrow for As The Palin Turns!

André said...

it just makes me sick that politicians are always the first to whine about freedom of speach ta is in the constitution that they more than anyone elso sould be enforcing

fucking closet nazis

Jason said...

Well, this is pretty racist against Trig.

jason said...

i love it. palin is an idiot. i hope she runs for president. i would love to see her in a debate. she would have to write notes all the way up her arm.

Anonymous said...

For many, many years liberals in this country have been generally regarded as stupid. They are typically thought of as those people who mean well but lack reality. In the past they typically stood up for human rights, it may have lacked all direction and common sense but they still stood up for it none the less.

Making fun of someone's retarded child really shows what a low life piece of shit someone is. I really don't even have words to express what a pathetic low life person that is.

This blog has been up for many years and you have 5 people with a combined IQ of a rotting walnut following it. Ever wonder why?

I started watching it a while back because of how funny clueless liberals can be but this isn't funny, its just sad. Fuck this shit.

Eric said...

Why are all Republican 'conservative' haters named Anonymous? Is that some sort of Old Testament name?

Eric said...

Okay, I wasn't going to say it or get involved because it's such a slipper slope, but fuck it.

That episode and the following out cry from the Palin camp doesn't make this issue 'racist' (because honestly, I didn't know Downs was considered a race) or 'sick'.

The character has Downs Syndrome. A condition, one that has handicaps attached to it. The 'moral right' seems to always get upset when people of disability are not presented in a light of quiet pity and unspoken desire to have them placed high on a shelf where they can be seen but not heard, and then - rarely seen.

Perish the thought they should be present as dynamic people that have opinions. How is implying that Palins handicapped child could one day have a date or an adult relatonship (even as fucked up as Family Guy relationships are...) so offensive? Their prejudices speak a lot louder here than our 'sick' humor.

It's satire and pretty good satire at that. Plus when the actor who is involved herself has Downs Syndrome and gets in on the fun the 'Moral Right' should realize that it is so out of touch with the fact that they are protecting outdated ideals rather than actual people.

Honestly the 'retard jokes' everyone is seeing here just don't exist in this context.

Dave Anthony said...

Dear "Anonymous,"

Clearly you are a very, very stupid person.

We, as liberals, are making fun of the ugly, horrible bitch known as "Sarah Palin" because she defended Rush Limbaugh for using the word "retarded" after scolding Rahm Emmanuel for using the same word.

Now she gives shit to Family Guy, who clearly outwitted her - and you - which is obviously not difficult.

Sean Bedlam said...

Hey Anonymous, I am waterboarding you with my balls. I will continue to force my ever more swollen balls into your air passage until you admit you pulled your comment out of an ass so sloppy from Boss Rape you don't recall what it's like to enjoy taking a dump.