Feb 23, 2010

Oh So Many Ways

This genius was at the CPAC convention. He obviously loves empty slogans and he is daring me to take his gun blanket. Last I checked, gun blankets do not shoot. There are many, many ways to "come and take it."

1) I could just walk up and rip it down (it's not a gun - it's a blanky). Then I'd probably have a fist fight with him, which wouldn't be so bad because he looks like someone who gets his ass kicked a lot.

2) I could approach with a shiv, stick in in his side around kidney level, watch him drop to the ground and then take the blanket down.

3) I could saunter up, scream "Monkey" and point in another direction, then rip down the blanket and run off.

4) Just punch him in the face. Walk up, slam my fist into his barely-bearded I wanna be a Reservoir Dog face and grab the blanket.

5) Set him on fire. Drastic. A bit much, but highly effective. As long as his "gun" doesn't catch on fire, it's mine.

6) Shoot him in the face. What's he going to do? Defend himself with his gun blanket? Doubtful.


jason said...

i like number 5. it's so reservoir dogs, he might appreciate it.

Nick said...

7)Throw a bear trap at his face and steal the blanket!

pagnaet said...

You gotta do it proper: Run in and impale him with a bayoneted rifle and yelling 'Viva Santa Ana'. Then pull the trigger.

André said...

i vote for "kicking him in the balls till his eyes can´t water anymore"

jason said...

who says all liberals are pacifists?