Feb 4, 2010

Good Luck With That

Senate Democrats are planning on voting on the first installment of the Jobs Bill next week. Guess who no likey?

According to the Senate's top vote counter, there is currently no Republican support for the proposal Democrats are putting forth--and with Scott Brown to be seated today as the 41st Republican Senator, they'll need at least one member of the minority to come aboard.

Um. Guys. It's called the "Jobs Bill." There a crazy fucking recession going on. People like to eat.

But, yeah, go ahead and filibuster the "JOBS BILL." Can't see how that would backfire.


Nickname unavailable said...

It's called a 'Jobs Bill' but it won't create or save (what moron buys into that?) a single job. It's just another version of the stimulus bill, loaded with pork and crap, which like the first one, won't do Jack Schitt for the American people, who, as you point out, would like to eat.

If you think the stimulus worked by spending money on things like "Why Pigs Smell" studies (http://tinyurl.com/yjkbtpx), then you should demand a refund from whichever educational institution you paid for getting educated.

No country ever has nor ever will tax and spend itself into prosperity. The opposite, however, has been proven true over and over.

Pedro said...

Amen to Nickname unavailable

The "Jobs bill" is what the marxists are trying to name stimulus failure #3. Its the dumbfuck liberals who think that if you name something "Jobs Bill" or "Healthcare Reform" or something else pure evil but with a polished name you are supposed to vote for it.

If congress wrote a 900 billion dollar bill that dumped toxic sludge in the Hudson river yet named it the "Clean water act" every liberals would vote for it. The SEIU would hail it for employing Union truck drivers making 150k a year to dump the sludge and the writer of this blog would be mocking Republicans who voted against it.

Dave Anthony said...

Let me know when the Republicans idea of just spending works, guys.

Anonymous said...

"If congress wrote a 900 billion dollar bill that dumped toxic sludge in the Hudson river yet named it the "Clean water act" every liberals would vote for it."

Actually that was the Bush Administration which did just that with its "Clear Skies Act of 2003" which actually REDUCED environmental protections. Of course, every Republican rushed to support it as, well, it probably earned them one extra penny that year and, hey-o, profit is profit.

- Bob

John said...

Dear Republican fuckups:

Germany exited the recession in 2009. They are one of those damned 'eeeeevil socialist' nations you bitches whine about all the time. And they are out of the recession already -- back to growth.

So there is your first example of 'taxing and spending' your way into prosperity.

Meanwhile, we're still fucked.

Also, Pedro, it would be the 'dumbfuck' Republicans who wrote something called the 'Patriot Act' which actually did nothing to increase our security but did give the government the ability to ignore our 4th amendment rights. But since your beloved savior W. called it the 'Patriot Act' instead of the 'totally shitty destruction of your personal freedoms Act' everybody got on board IMMEDIATELY without even READING the bill.

And I'm fucking sick of this bullshit deficit hawk line. Please see the following graph:


The United States have faced 100% GDP deficits in the past and paid them down before, we can do it again.

Lastly: if cutting taxes is our solution, why is it that George W. Bush's tax cuts did not increase the tax base, but actually only increased our budget deficit? The first thing he did when taking office was cut taxes (on the basis of the budget surplus Clinton had engineered for him). What happened? Did tax revenues increase? Fuck no. We just went deeper into debt and the wealthy got wealthier. But you shitheads don't like 'facts'. You like what Fox News and Rush Limbaugh tell you. You like to blame it on 'Liberals'.

Does it sting at all that Barry Goldwater declared that he would have nothing to do with the version of the Republican party that exists today? Does it sting just a little?

libhom said...

The Gopper trolls are especially amusing. Just make sure the zookeepers feed them. They bite.

As for your posting, making Republicans vote against job bills is smart strategy.