Jan 25, 2010

Our Future War With Pakistan Report #459

Oh, this will go great!
In an interview with the Pakistani TV station Express TV, Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed that the private security firms Blackwater and DynCorp are operating inside Pakistan. “They’re operating as individual companies here in Pakistan,” Gates said, according to a DoD transcript of the interview. “There are rules concerning the contracting companies. If they’re contracting with us or with the State Department here in Pakistan, then there are very clear rules set forth by the State Department and by ourselves.”
Fuck yeah! Get a group of mercenaries up in that bitch, who can increase their earnings and create more jobs for the company by destabilizing Pakistan! It's so smart I thought it was stupid!


Chris Mancini said...

So what exactly does it take to losea contract with the US government?

Dave Anthony said...

We are too reliant on them. It can't be done.