Jan 15, 2010

House Rep. Has Hitleresque Moment!

When you think they can't get any more horrible, the Republicans always manage to surprise. In this case, I'm speaking of abomination and House member Steve King.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told ABC News today that he thinks a new push to grant Haitian refugees temporary protection status -- allowing them to live and work in the U.S. legally -- is a political move by immigration activists.

Ah, okay. Well, that's kind of fucked up. You're politicizing a horrible tragedy by acting like others are politicizing it. Scummy move, for sure, but it's what we've come to expect from your kind.
He also suggested that it may be better to deport Haitians, so they could contribute to the relief effort there.

Um. Holy fucking shit. Hey, here's an idea. You know how that island was just decimated by an enormous earthquake, has no functioning government, it's people are living on the streets, starving and injured, and is basically ruled by gangs? We should send them a bunch of poor people to help out.

"Illegal immigrants from Haiti have no reason to fear deportation, but if they are deported, Haiti is in great need of relief workers, and many of them could be a big help to their fellow Haitians."

Maybe we could also send them some Darfur refugees while we're at it.


Anonymous said...

What he said was presented in a less than elegant manner but the substance is right on. Fuck these libs who want to use this as an excuse to open the gates and "solve" their problems by letting them all come here.

The dude could have spoke the truth and said fuck all these voodoo worshipping, funny talking immigrants who can't feed themselves muchless govern themselves wanting to invade our country. Instead he simply said that their own country needs them more than we do...

Seems logic and intelligence are not involved in the owner of this blog opening his word hole, it's just fuck the Republicans. The fucking liberals are making a deal behind locked doors to shield union member only from paying health care taxes and this moron is rambling about a congressman who wants to stop all the haitians from coming here????? What a dumbass.

Dave Anthony said...


You're an embarrassment to humanity for using such retarded language. Our country is made up of immigrants, you racist fucking moron.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 400,000,000 of them you full frontal lobotomy scumbag motherfucker. Mexico has a hundred million, Canada has 35 million, all of South America has 380 mil. WE ARE FULL. Our country is broke thanks to fucking Demo-rats spending like a 19 year old with a wallet full of new credit cards.

I want to make sure my kids live in a free, prosperous country not one with a one child rule, eating rice and riding a bike 10 miles to work and I'm a racist????Eat my asshole stupid. The answer to the world's problems is not to just bring them all here.

Tell me where do you draw the line? one billion? Two Billion? At what point can we no longer feed our own nation and have to rely on other countries for food? Tell me Einstein, where do you draw the line? Open the borders to Mexico, Haiti, north east Asia?

You stupid motherfucker, How many sick or broke homeless families do you have living in your place you racist? You lock your door racist??? Get a clue dipshit.

Dave Anthony said...

Dear dumbest human alive,

Your numbers are a bit more retarded than you. Does Haiti have 400,000 people in it? Or are you saying we have 400,000 refugees? If so, why are you then saying Canada has 35 million? Are you now worried about the inevitable Canadian invasion? Or are you just dumber than a weepy asshole?

It's cute that you think Democrats spend more than Repubicans. I mean, despite all evidence of the past 20 years. You're dumber than an actual box of boxes. The Iraq War ring a bell, dumbshit? How about Medicare Part D, you stupid asshole? What about the Afghanistan was, you half breed? That is 90% of the current debt, you common fucking animal.

No, you're a racist because you think all the brown people are invading us because you can't realize in your ape like mind that we have destroyed the economies and countries in order to provide ourselves with cheap labor.

Who the fuck is talking about opening the borders, you monkey? The fact that someone as stupid as yourself can type is stunning.

Anonymous said...

That clusterfuck of a testament to how uneducated brain dead liberals are is one of the most atrocious things I have read in my life. I sat her blown away at your profound ignorance. That reply of yours does not warrant a response. It should be framed and hung in the Smithsonian next to the Holocaust display as a testament to the ugliness of humanity.

The sole reason I would bother to reply is for the outside chance you may see how truly stupid you really are. Please not a few points.

1)I said 400,000,000 not 400,000 you illiterate fucking bastard, learn to read. In that number I was referring to OUR POPULATION you stupid bastard. Plain English, maybe you speak Haitian French?? parlez vous francais asshole?

2) You brought up brown skin people, you racist fuck. You Adolf Hitler wanna be. I don't care about skin color, we are full. No more immigrants fuckface. We are broke and full.

3)"Who the fuck is talking about opening the borders?" You stupid mother fucker. This blog was written by a douchbag mocking a congressman who was opposed to Letting Haitians come here. THATS WHAT THE BLOG WAS WRITTEN ABOUT YOU FUCKING MORON.

4)"we have destroyed the economies and countries in order to provide ourselves with cheap labor." That is such a fucked up statement I really wonder if I am arguing with a delusional, mentally incarcerated patient. We sold out our country and gave our jobs to other countries and we are hurting them?????? You stupid motherfucker, do you realize what has happened to China's economy over the last 20 years at the sacrifice of out industry? Try this asshole, lets worry about out country and let them worry about theirs. Too complicated for you dick breath?

5) It's pretty pathetic that the previous administration fought two wars and funded Medicare and we were close to being deficit neutral but The Demo-rats tripled it in 9 month on nothing in particular. Keep up dipshit.

I truly believe if we wiped the liberals off the face of the earth and replaced them with Forest Gumps, the planet would be far better off!

If you can't accept these simple truths, don't reply. I shouldn't have encouraged your psychosis thus far. If you ever decide you want to make the world a better place, please feel free to put a bullet in your head or if you want to go for Jihad, blow yourself up in a DNC convention. Nice talking to you, fuck off

Dave Anthony said...

Holy shit, you are a moron.

You are also worse than rape.

jason said...

wow dave. that was entertaining. well, not really. if i wanted to be exposed to such babble i would listen to fox or rush. you have more patience than i do.