Jan 28, 2010

David Brooks Gets A Brand New Asshole

This is a hilarious read. Matt Taibbi absolutely destroys David Brooks. And it goes beyond that. This is a journalist who isn't afraid to go after the inside the beltway pundits, who just assume they can ramble on and make horseshit arguments to back their horseshit beliefs. These idiots shouldn't even be allowed to write or speak on television because they are as responsible for the mess we are in as the politicians or Wall Street fucks.

The sad thing is Taibbi taking one of them on shouldn't be a big deal, it should be the norm. But it's not.


Brooks here is trying to say that by criticizing, say, Goldman Sachs for mass thievery — criticizing a bank for selling billions of dollars worth of worthless subprime mortgage-backed securities mismarked as investment grade deals, for getting the taxpayer to pay them 100 cents on the dollar for their billions in crap investments with AIG, for forcing hundreds of millions of people to pay inflated gas and food prices when they manipulated the commodities market and helped push oil to a preposterous $149 a barrel, and for paying massive bonuses after receiving billions upon billions in public support even beyond the TARP — that in criticizing the bank for doing these things, people like me are primarily interested in being divisive and “organizing hatreds.”

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