Dec 30, 2009

Next Up, Immigration Madness!

Now that we have ruined healthcare reform, we shall turn our attention to ruining immigration legislation. Let's not fix it well.

On that note, I just watched a right wing gentleman, Bob Dane of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, talk out of his anus on MSNBC. A couple of people have created an app for phones that guide Mexicans crossing the border to water, so they don't die in the desert. Bob thinks that's a bad idea. Why? Well because it's dangerous "to cross the border. They can be raped, murdered or robbed at a moment's notice."

So, don't give them water because they could be hurt by predators.

Got it.


André said...

yeah, i can totally picture a mexican emigrant who can barelly figure out how to run a lawnmower checking his i-phone for the next fire hydrant while crossing the border...

Anonymous said...

They know how to run a lawn mower, its a country or government they can't figure out how to run. Thats why we dont need the fuckers here. Issue a stern warning not to try it than mow them down with 50 calibers. Too many dumb fucks out there who don't see them(what they are doing as a group,not any person) as a cancer on this country

André said...

yeah, imigrants are always a problem as a group and not as individuals.
however, that's really the "recieving" country's fault. we have that too where i'm from.
we give imigrants a "fiting in" wellfare check every month, but we do not provide any other form of suport or guidance. the result is we have a shitload of blacks, yellows, gipsys and eastern europeans living in slums, not working, not looking for work, and feeling abandoned tho their own luck, who eventually turn to crime, drugs and prostitution, living of the welfare checks. since they don't work, they also don´t put any money in the country's retierment fund. what that means is that not only the current generation of old folks are geting they're pensions cut, the next generation is gonna get even smaller pensions because that fucking group went trough life getting the working people's retirement fund, and will also get their own retirment pension despite never having worked or contributed to the country.
and we have no one to blame for that but ourselfs