Nov 16, 2009

Why I Feel Safe - Reason #458

Republicans care deeply about the safety of Americans. They always have.

A provision in a Senate bill quietly adopted in 2008 yet to reach a vote would allow veterans in the FBI's criminal background system listed as "mentally incapacitated" to purchase firearms.

Oh, good. Because what this already insanely violent nation needs is dudes with PTSD running around with guns. I don't see what could go wrong.

Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr explained why his bill is so awesome.

"My bill would ensure America's brave men and women enjoy the rights they fought so hard to protect. This legislation was included in a larger piece of legislation that will improve the care provided to our veterans."

Totally. Also, not one living soldier has fought to protect the right to own a firearm. Not one.

But good point.

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