Nov 20, 2009

Snoozy McAustralian

Australian Liberal MP Fran Bailey went on an official trip to Scotland for a NATO conference. Apparently, it was very boring.

Representing Australia, Liberal MP Fran Bailey grabbed a spot of shuteye during her taxpayer-funded appearance at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lady Zzzzz said she had been working hard and deserved a "power nap."

It’s not the first time Ms Bailey has fallen asleep on the job.

Last year in Parliament, Labor MP Anthony Albanese asked: “I wonder if someone can get the Member for McEwen a pillow.”

“She is constantly asleep!” Labor MP Daryl Melham interjected.
HEY! She's not "constantly asleep." She has to walk in and settle down before taking her nap. If she were constantly asleep, she never would have made it there.

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Anonymous said...

fyi the Australian Liberal Party is the main conservative party in Australian politics (Liberal in the old term of economic liberal though for the most part they are more left than the American Democrats in that they support universal health care and all of the existing social programs in Australia).