Nov 12, 2009

Meet Mike

I stumbled across Mike on Twitter this morning. He had written a post praising Carrie Prejean's Larry King exit. I was fascinated.

Mike is a morning zoo host on a Christian radio station. Awesome.

That's Mike on the left. He's fun!


More sun!

Mike, you're never alone, bro.

How did he come to Jesus? I mean, really come to Jesus?

I look forward to keeping up with Mike and his wacky life.

My brain cannot wrap around the idea of a Christian Radio Morning Zoo.


Kay said...

I call bullshit on his faith journey.

D Faye said...

I'm not clicking that "come to Jesus" link because I know you're a sick bastard and it'll be to something that'll make my eyeballs bleed.

Red said...

What is up with the transvestite?

Anonymous said...

The fact that there are still Morning Zoo shows around at all surprises me, much less a Christian one.

André said...

well, most jesus lovers belong in a zoo, converting chimps, so yeah, morning zoo

elaine said...

According to his faith journey, he doesn't really give a crap about Jesus. He just wants to suck up so he gets into heaven. Sweet.