Nov 30, 2009

May I Punch The Entire House In The Face?

This goes into the "everything that's wrong with our country" file.

The House Committee on Homeland Security has invited testimony from the reality show wannabes during a full committee hearing on Thursday.

"Thursday’s hearing will focus on the breakdown in security arrangements on the evening of Tuesday, November 24, deficiencies in security planning leading up to the State Dinner, actions taken to correct the vulnerabilities and identify any violations of Secret Service policy or management failures at the agency," says a release from the committee. "The Committee plans to invite testimony from Mr. and Mrs. Salahi, who managed to attend portions of the State Dinner without proper White House and Secret Service clearance, and Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, who is responsible for the safety of Secret Service protectees and the plans his agency develops and implements to secure them."

Or, you know, you could just let the secret service handle it.

I hate you.

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