Nov 12, 2009

How Not To Storm Off A Talk Show

Ah, that Christian persecution complex is not looking more and more cartoonish every day.

Someone needs to learn the difference between "reasons" and "terms." Oh, and someone needs to stop masturbating in front of cameras, which forces someone to drop their lawsuit when the masturbating tapes are produced in court.


Hala said...

Wow, that's some smugness.

For some reason, this act always works with your fanbase...

André said...

why the fuck do these people still get air time??
if they wanna be on some show, first you record a pre interview about the subjects of the interview, and if they decline you just roll the pre interview, while making fun of them.
that bitch makes me wanna fuck her ass with sand in the KY.. girls with horselike mouths always do that for me