Oct 1, 2009

Things That Will End Well

I don't think there is a greater combination in the universe than guns and alcohol. They go together like pie and rape. Apparently, Arizona thinks so because the desert state that God doesn't want to exist has decided to allow guns in bars.

The NRA-backed law, which takes effect today, allows those with a concealed weapons permit to bring guns into bars and restaurants.
Suck it, cowards. We're children and would very much like to play "Old West." We've seen movies!
The one stipulation that prohibits gun-toters from entering Arizona bars: if the establishment has a sign against them. So if there's a sign, you can't bring a gun in.
Boo. Why do you hate fun?
A person would be exempt if the sign banning guns had fallen down, the person wasn't an Arizona resident, or the notice was first posted less than a month earlier.
Yay! Just kick the sign down when you swing your bad ass through the door. You think a sign would have stopped Jesse James? Now grab a few whiskeys and get into a heated discussion!


Bob. said...

Nice to know that Oklahoma isn't the only state that jeezie creezie will scoop out of the ground and toss into space.

André said...

"the sign has fallen down"? is that shit for real?
what about common sence??
God, the british should have sent some harlots along with you guys on the boat back in the day just to prevent execessive inbreeding. now we´re all paying for it