Oct 29, 2009

Tea Bag Flash Mobbin!

Tea Baggers care and they are ready to go at any time! Like the Minutemen, they receive their marching orders and off they go! To save America!

An e-mail was sent out last night on the Tea Party Patriots e-mail list, asking anyone within driving distance of Washington to head to the Capitol at 10 a.m., the scheduled time for the unveiling of the House health care bill.

The event has also been described in conservative Twitter-land as a "flash mob."

Get your last minute factually incorrect signs out! Prepare to be mobbed by true Americans, you filthy Democrats!

TPMDC counted about 10 Tea Partiers holding signs denouncing a "government takeover" of health care and looking with disdain as House Democrats gathered on the Capitol Steps.

BOOM! Welcome to the power of the people.

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