Oct 14, 2009

Steeling The Shit Out Of It

Michael Steele, the current head the RNC, came out firing today. He's super against health care reform.
"I'm not trying to be an obstructionist here. To the contrary, I'm saying, Can we all get in the room and have a Rodney King moment?"

Totally. Can we beat a black man in the street? Oh, wrong analogy? Okay, can we beat white people in the street and riot? Oh, wrong analogy? Can we sue, win $3.8 million and start a rap music label? Oh, wrong analogy? Can someone shoot us in the arms, back, face and torso while stealing our bicycle? Oh, wrong analogy? Can we crash our car into a wall and then have to go court ordered rehab? Oh, wrong analogy? Can we run over our wife with our car? Oh, wrong analogy? Can we hit a house with our car - again while drunk - this time breaking our pelvis? Oh, wrong analogy? Can we go on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Oh, wrong analogy?

Oh, wait. Can't we all just get along? Right. The one no one listened to.

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