Oct 2, 2009

Policito Rips Open a Big Bag of Idiot

I have for quite some time believed America has a hefty percentage of idiots, but the depths to which we are now sinking is astounding. And it comes each and every day, like waves pounding in from the ocean, chipping away the cliffs, until we plunge into the sea of retard.

Today's shocking idiocy comes, again, at the hands of our right wing brethren, who celebrated our loss of hosting the 2012 Olympics, much like they would celebrate the death of Obama. Conservatives, quite simply, don't give a shit about the country, only their ideology and seeing their opponents fail.

But I expect that kind of nonsense from the idiots on the street. It's when writers, like shocking moron Josh Gernstein of Politico, pen shit like this that I can't take it.
What was he thinking?

Monday-morning Quarterbacking became Washington’s favorite Olympic sport Friday after President Barack Obama's in-person pitch failed to bring home the 2016 Olympics to Chicago – and in rather dramatic fashion.

Chicago was knocked out in the first-round of balloting – winning just 18 of 94 votes — making Obama’s trip to Copenhagen seem not just unsuccessful but entirely ineffective.
Good point. It was unsuccessful AND ineffective. I can't believe both those things could happen at once, but there it is. Someone put their analysis hat on today and tore that fucker up.
A few Democrats were glum, some conservatives were downright gleeful and the White House scrambled to explain that Obama had no regrets about making the trip – despite the fact that it exposed the limits to the power of his high-wattage international popularity.
This is the point when we should mourn the death of intellectuals in the media. The fact that this idiot is given the chance to write such driven is amazing. Yes, Obama tried to get the Olympics. No, he wasn't successful. OH MY GOD, NOBODY LIKES HIM!

Hey, kids, here's today's conservative lesson: You should only try if you know you can succeed. Trying and not succeeding means no one likes you.
Now, go play ball. Many political pros said they wouldn’t even consider letting Obama put his prestige, popularity and time on the line to go to Copenhagen unless he thought Chicago was a lock, or a near-lock. Some even speculated that Obama must have had some inside information about the strength of Chicago’s bid that prompted him to go – something the White House denied.
Right. Because, as a nation, we toss away any president who has the gall to appear in person and NOT convince the IOC to give us the Olympics. I'm surprised we didn't shoot him this morning, to be honest. He's like a horse with a broken leg.

Even Democrats got in on the action
“If he doesn't get it, he looks bad,” Begala said on CNN earlier this week. “You know, he does have a full plate. If I was working for him, I'd say, sir, don't go.”
Seriously. I was totally on the fence about Obama, until he pulled this "I'm going to do all I can to get the Olympics" shit. Then he didn't get it. Now I don't like him. Never mind this health care crap and the economy and education and Iran and the wars and the environment, none of that shit matters. He didn't get the fucking Olympics. Big black mark, bitch. He better grovel hard to get my respect back.

OR, you stupid assholes in Washington could step outside your golden walls and find out what in the fuck we actually care about once in a while. My fucking God, we are pathetic. Amazingly pathetic.

Here's what an adult says: "Hey, thanks for trying to get the Olympics for us. Bummer it didn't work out."

But there's no story in that. And human embarrassments, like Josh Gernstein, write articles titled "The agony of Obama's defeat." Any decent journalist would cringe in shame while typing those words. Josh Gernstein is an example of America's greatest problem: Shit journalism.


Bob.................................................... said...

I'm sad because I won't get to see Mike Phelps rock that bitch like a bongload on his home turf!!

Where are the Olympics in 2016 going to be held anyways? I bet it's some place not nearly as violent as Chicago, maybe Myanmar...

Hala said...

Amusing...but I think you messed up the quoting there on the third quote. Unless Josh Gernstein has Multiple Personality Disorder.

Dave Anthony said...


Jason said...

All I know is, I got a massive boner when nobama lost the Olympics. MASSIVE.

elaine said...

Obama did not "lose the Olympics." Our whole country did; hosting would have been a huge honor. But I am not surprised that the US was not chosen considering how our country pissed off and alienated most of the world during the last administration.

TheGigaShadow said...

Hey Jason, go jerk off someplace else.

libhom said...

Most of the people in Chicago didn't support the Olympics bid. It was just a way of diverting resources from the general public to wealthy developers. Liberals and progressives in Chicago won their battle to block it and we should congratulate them.