Oct 20, 2009

Jugg Fight!

The Miss California controversy has finally arrived at the place it was destined for: Sweet, sweet juggs.
The former Miss California USA is back in the headlines, this time for the unusual demand of repayment for her breast augmentation. The production company that runs the pageant is requesting $5,200, the amount fronted to the erstwhile beauty queen for her surgical enhancement.
Give it up. Or we take them back. One at a time.


libhom said...

I guess the pageant organizers are determined not to role over and play dead for that bizarre, militant, fundamentalist.

André said...


did i get that right, or am i way too stoned??
the pageant organizers pay for the candidates implants?
and the winner gets some sort of official status??
is a pageant really like a tech demo for titjobs that give guys a stiffy?? and they make the candidates belive it's not women exploitation by playing with their hopes, dreams and twisted ideals?
and if so, why dont they just build a winner? or rent Cher as some sort of silicone mule.

let the redknecks sort it out between them and wait for them to crawl brack to the trailer park to fight over plates of cat food people put out on the porch.

oh, and that fag perez hilton makes me wish i had aids so i could fuck him in the ass while singing "streets of philadelphia"

Inferno Silver said...

all i can do when i hear about this is picture a Charlton Heston sort of confrontation - "From my cold, dead hands!" ... but that may just be 'cos i'm an asshole.