Oct 16, 2009

Bestest Teacher Nominee

Some teachers really know how to reach their students.

A Geneva High School teacher is being accused of making anti-gay and racist comments in his classroom.

Dave Burk, who teaches consumer education, is accused of making the comments by his students during an Oct. 5 lecture on tax money involving the National Endowment for the Arts.

"How would you feel about your tax dollars going to pay some black fag in New York to take pictures of other black fags?" Burk allegedly asked, according to student Jordan Hunter.

Totally valid question and a fantastic analytic look at how taxes work. I think this was one of the School House Rock songs, was it not?

Burk's attorney, D.J. Tegeler, said Monday he was not personally aware of the terms Burk used to his classes, but that Burk apologizes for any offense.

"Mr. Burk is cooperating fully with both the principal, the dean of students and the school board," Tegeler said. "Mr. Burk's biggest problem is he does not want to intentionally offend anybody and if he did, he apologizes."

My bad. I didn't think there were any black fag lovers in the class. I will make a note.
Hunter said several other students have contacted him, saying Burk repeated the same phrase in all his classes.
Whoops. My bads. I didn't think I was delivering my carefully prepared lecture to black fag lovers.

And where can I get a copy of those pictures?


André said...

well, first of all, he does lecture consumer education.
with all the pro tolerence bullshit (tolerance just is, no advertising needed, you either have it or you don´t, if you learn it, you´re just being cynic), someone needs to educate the consumer. he just displayed intolerance so that everyone in that class knows there is something else other than automatic tolerance. it´s not like there is only good, there his also evil, and you better know that.
secondlly, he does teach in college. you know, the place where everyone is an adult, with the abillity to decide for themselfs.
my point is, in college, the classes where you learn the most, are the ones with the liberal teachers, the ones that dont give a fuck about PC, where you can talk in any way about anything in a safe and exploratory enviorment.
so, if he wants to bash on black fags, let him, and instead of punishing him, just punish the retarded students who belive black fags are bad just because someone said so...

Bob said...

Andre has a point. There is a limit that I reach with my political or observed social acceptance.

For instance, I may get a couple of beers in me and start talking about how the youth or America since 9/11 have become the sheep for the corporate wolf, using things like tabloid rock, and convuluted metrosexuality to lul them into a state of self importance and cynicism that most of them wouldn't even know where gasoline goes much less where it comes from without holding their hands or sending them a text message with "how to instructions". Basically the perfect product for a right wing future. An easily lead piece of shit with no self reliance what so ever. But you start saying that shit loud enough and people call you things like intolerant or overreactive. They say things like "hey man it's just music or fashion or blah blah, just let it be." to which I say "no, can you not tell when your being led around by a system of control?"

I have come to the recent conclusion that being a homosexual or one that has sex with one of it's own gender does not make you anymore tolerant or sensible. If you want to get right down to it, rearranging who you are based around a sexual preferance is just as shallow as dressing a certain way because of the music you listen to(I turn the barrel backwards on myself and pull the trigger on this one but I can because it's my opinion and when have I ever given a fuck about other peoples opinion's of my opinions?) I have come to find that people within both life decisions have to constantly be on the offensive ready to come up with their wittiest remark or loudest scream to try and badger their opponent to death with words just so they can tell everyone how tolerant they are. Well buddy I don't buy it.

If I wanna call Fall Outta the Closet Boy the faggiest thing to ever drop out of a republican's anus then I should be able to because I can do things like buy my own groceries, pay my bills, and change the oil or spark plugs on a car if need be.

It's hateful. But I just don't care.

Bob............. said...

By the way. Is Dave Burk a black homosexual?

From what I understand if you are indeed a fag or black or both then saying that is totally acceptable.

Dave Anthony said...

He might be gay, I don't know. Could also be black.

What if he had said gay nigger? Would that be acceptable?

André said...

to me it would, just because nigga is faster to say thaan afro american.
and above all, its much more manly
i mean, can you really say afro american without felling li you just put on your cutest puppy eyed look and are apologizing for using the term?
all this bullshit about him saying "black fags are fags" goes back to the kind of mindstate you have in the U.S. where everyone is free, but if you grow some balls and step out of the PC box, you'll be ostracized by all those other freedom loving brainless americans.
is that freedom?
well, i guess that (and some of your presidents have said it) your "free to do as told, or piss the fuck of"
not that its strictly an american problem.
i'm from portugal and over here, the racial problem is a bit different. long story short, after the 70´s, when we gave independence to our african colonys, we got a sudden influx of african imigrants from those countrys (because you know, niggers will allways fight the white man out of their country and then proceed to turn the country to shit, start civil war, and flee to the white mans country) after shit broke down.
so, all of a sudden, we had lots of black people over here. most where cool hardworking and eager to learn and integrate themselfs in our comunity. and we accepted them.
the problem came with the second generation. since theyre parents had little or no education, they had small incomes.
when the second generation started noticing the difference in life standards between their parents and the locals, they rebbeled and turned to crime and delinquency instead of taking advantage of the chances their parents haven't had in africa.
so, most racial problems in my country come from lack of respect.
one day, i was driving around with a guy from poland when a black driver does something stupid in front of us and holds up the traffic.
i, naturally said something like "had to be a nigger...come on, move it stupid", i would have said the same thing if it where a old geezer or a broad, wtv. he got all offended and said something like "u better watch it, i dont like that behavior"
i just had to tell him to fuck off. i lost most of my respect for him that moment.

btw, i use the term nigger because to me, in our language, it has less conotation with slvery.
african in portugal is "negro", a more formal term, and much less personal. to me, if feels a lot more descriminating, its almost a technical term.what you would call nigger
instead, in portugal, nigger is "preto" (black, to the letter), witch to us is much less formal.

sorry for my spelling

elaine said...

You attract quite an interesting mix to your blog, Dave.

Bob....... said...

No, I don't feel that using a term like "cocksucking nigger" in school or anywhere for that matter is acceptable. I wish we didn't have a society based around slang terms that we use for each other. But when races use these terms to refer to each other in a lax manner because it's funny to hurt people's feelings then what can you really do to get people's attention than try? This genetic crosswalk that we have on this planet should make us realize that we are all mixed up to where we should be just human filth in general and not a pigment, a "universal plug" for whatever orifice, or a derogative thereof.