Sep 11, 2009

Worst Campaign Move Ever

This guy just doesn't get it.
Steve Nunn, a former Kentucky GOP lawmaker and gubernatorial candidate was found by police this afternoon with slit wrists in the cemetery where his parents lie buried. Hours earlier, Nunn's former fiancée had been found shot to death in a Lexington parking lot.
What up, drama queen? Seriously, this will only get you a couple of votes with the murder-suicide base. Other than that, it's kind of a lose/lose.

But, hey, I like a guy who takes risks. Stop All Monsters officially endorses Steve Nunn for Kentucky governor.

Nunn 2008: He will murder you and himself to get it done.


astolphe said...

Now THAT is true dedication. How can I support his campaign? Oh, you forgot one thing; he slit his wrists so I'm sure that will win over the emo vote.

LA_Gunner said...

Please don't endorse this guy! I live in Kentucky and the dumbasses here will vote for him. We already have some brain-dead politicians. Just look at Bitch McConjob, I mean Mitch McConnell. On second thought, don't, you might turn to stone.

André said...

i know some bitch died, but that's some funny shit

bob said...

So...This guy's dead right?

And his girlfriend is dead too?

How is he still running for office?

Maybe it's that old GOP voting scam where they cast ballots with the names of dead people on them to garner more votes only in reverse...(or maybe that was an episode of Scooby Doo.)Eh. Either way, I think that idea in reverse totally works in his favor.

Although, killing someone and commiting suicide on your parent's grave is usually something that's frowned upon by most family first groups. He might lose some support from his faithful gawd feering constituency.