Sep 6, 2009

Same Old Peeps Up To The Same Old

Good to see they are changing it up a bit. It's now "socialism."


Bob............................. said...

I have an old photograph of a lynching taking place with all of these white people smiling and pointing. I try to find as many of Rush Limbaugh's relatives in there as I can. I call it Highlights: The activity magazine for racist white babies.

Mervyn said...

I saw this just today on Reddit; it really does sum up the reactionary desperation of the far right on these issues.

Bob.... said...

Yep...after last night's speech and the way the doughy faces were just sitting there not clapping, I wouldn't want to write anything either. I mean really, what can you say in a blog that the entire Republican cross section of Congress didn't scream at some point during the speech?

Highly entertaining. Especially when your high and listening to Public Enemy while Obama speaks.