Sep 1, 2009

Sam Seder Explains Health Care To A Rich Baby

I want my stuff is something a lot of us learned to overcome in the sandbox.


'Arder said...

I don't drive! I'm tired of paying taxes that go to roads! I don't have kids, why should I pay for schools? I don't break the law! why do I have to pay for police officers?

I don't get why health care is such a big issue to these people. I'm all for small government, but health care is one of the things that an individual citizen needs help with. There are 100 things that the government pays for now that I'd rather they stop paying for. Health care is an expense that most people can't manage on their own. Just like building infrastructure or providing national defense, or whatever.

It may not have been back in 1776, but back then no one even believed in GERMS. Health care has changed a lot.

Eric said...

Sam did a great job dealing with the assholery that was projected at him.

Sadly there are millions more out there that just like this guy. In their world America was made great because no one worked together for a common good.

Jerry MD said...

baby health