Sep 24, 2009

Insurance Industry Tries To Kill Ted Rall

This pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the insurance industry.
I got swine flu. Five days later, I was at death's door--because my evil insurance company wouldn't honor my doctor's prescription. Memo to future revolutionaries: if you require a firing squad for the executives of the Health Insurance Plan (HIP) of New York, I'm handy with a rifle.

I wasn't worried at first. A little sneezing, slightly achy joints. I figured it was my usual bout of fall allergies. There's usually nothing to do but suffer. But I felt worse each day: achier, more congested, stiffer, headache, fevers. The third night was bad. I went to bed under a pile of comforters, chattering uncontrollably. Then nightsweats. I checked my temperature: 103.7. When your temperature looks like a classic rock station, it's time to see the doctor.



Bob said...

Reading that whole thing makes me wish plague upon every corporate head and politician that's in their pockets.

Tor Hershman said...

103.7, that (as well you DO know) ain't good.

GWS, & Stay on groovin' safari,

GMtechDude said...
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Bob............................ said...

What's a preposal?

The difference between this blog and what you do is that Dave is already a success, while you continue to suckle upon the teets of obese business men...Which is gross.

I'm sure the Suicide Girls would have came to you for your nuggets of blogging joy there lube jockey, but unfortunately the NASCAR end of the spectrum of American society can barely understand how Jerry Falwel could've passed away(he was immortal through christ wasn't he?) much less the embarassment that the rest of us feel when the "christeez" make it into the news for doing things like sending bombs in the mail for Jeezus.

I too lay in bed thinking about Dave though. He's the American we all deserve.

I wish this auto industry worker/ Klan leader, actually said things that were important and relevant to the topic. But oh well. Dumbasses are like mosquitos.

Dave Anthony said...

The number of people reading this blog is just fine, thanks. Notice I have no ads. That's because I'm not looking for this to be a huge blog. It's a side, side, side, side project. It amuses me and that's about it.

But sitting around at night thinking of me while you are in bed is quite gay. Need photos?

Astolphe said...

I always thought of myself as a capitalist but good god, I'm no where near killing someone to make a buck, not even someone I hate. I need to reevaluate my personal definitions. And in case you haven't figured it out, I fucking hate 'health insurance' companies.