Sep 22, 2009

Glenn Beck. The Real Glenn Beck.

Yes, that is a monkey.

If you think about it, he's not doing much different now.

But, it's not all funny. He also had a rivalry going with another local DJ. One day he called the other DJ's wife on the air.

A couple days after Kelly’s wife, Terry, had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on the air and says, ‘We hear you had a miscarriage,’ ” remembers Brad Miller, a former Y95 DJ and Clear Channel programmer. “When Terry said, ‘Yes,’ Beck proceeded to joke about how Bruce [Kelly] apparently can’t do anything right — about he can’t even have a baby.

What's not to love about Glenn?


Tom said...

I am surprised the GOP has not leapt on the use of "Wang Chung" as potentially-homosexual music & blacklisted Glenn Beck.


elaine said...

Is there concrete proof of Beck making that call and comment about the miscarriage? I like to have sources before spreading info so I don't become some idiot rumor-monger like Beck himself.

André said...

those 2 fags like hairy ass so much they had to get a monkey

Protoclown said...

Glenn Beck is a human bag of crap.