Aug 1, 2009

The Young Cons New Single!

Get ready to stab your eyes with a fork and pour acid in your ears because the Young Cons are dishing out more mad flow.

So fucking embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Someone should get them some Clearasil.

Also, teenagers who live a life of luxury afforded to them by their parents should not preach about the virtues of being a self-made man.

Anonymous said...

Just read the final AFR on -- are they just not paying you enough to stick around? Just curious. Your articles have been my primary reason to visit the site for quite a while now (don't enjoy the pr0n as much as I did in the past).

Dave Anthony said...

No, they pay me fine. I've just been there a while and was offered a job writing on a tv show. Last time I wrote on a tv show and SG at the same time and it was too much.

Anonymous said...

Well then I guess I just get to read your blog for free instead of paying to read over there. Win for me.