Aug 7, 2009

Soon The Tea Baggers Will Start Killing

Well, it is only a matter of time. If you fill lunatic's heads with lies and set them lose, they will turn to violence.

This dude has hundreds of followers on Twitter and his tweets went viral.

Go get 'em, Jethro.


Anonymous said...

One doesn't even have to go to Twitter to see such insanity. Just go to the two news stories above this, click on the comments, and read the insane and dangerous rantings of GMTechDude.

André said...

well, it's twitter
that alone makes it unworthy of atention.
sorry, i'm sure some of you love to tweet (fucking gay term,but ok...), but to me twitter is just a fucking retarded concept.
i mean... in a day and age where people fell controled, they just decide to give control away?
does it cease to be control if you say "i allow you to mind my business"?
sorry, it's fucking stupid. if i wanted my mom calling me every 20 minutes to check on what i'm doing, i'd just dig up the ol'bitch