Aug 6, 2009

Murdoch Doesn't Want People To Read His News

This is what we call "Epic fail."
Rupert Murdoch, chairman of the information conglomerate News Corporation, announced after an earnings call late Wednesday that the company now intends to charge for access to all of its news sites.
Good luck with that. It worked really, really well for the record industry. I'm sure profits will soar.
“The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution,” Murdoch told analysts. “But it has not made content free. Accordingly we intend to charge for all our news websites.”
Weird, because I plan to continue not reading your websites.


André said...

unless his news are porn news, i don't see why anyone would pay to acess the content.
i mean, I can get free news just by typing shit on google.
scratch that

Thomas Crown said...

wow, this is bad news for all the people reading the news now...soon blogs will officially take over..

Astolphe said...

I didn't think that anything Rupert Murdoch did could be called news.