Aug 11, 2009

More Right Wing "Let's Kill Them"

This time Lou Dobbs takes a stab at saying liberals deserve to die.

He's a bloodsucking leftist -- I mean, you gotta put a stake through his heart to stop this guy.
Only a matter of time until someone is killed. I'm also confused because I thought Lou only talked about illegal immigrants.


André said...

why are you guys surprised??
i've been telling people americans are a bunch of inbreed ignorant delusional crazy mothereffers for years now.
i saw this coming in chuck norris's "m.ia.", j. fox's "Teenwolf" and later, paris hilton's sex tape.
You are dumb motherfuckers ´cuz you walk around with guns in the streets because gun filled streets are dangerous so you feel you need protection.
Then, you create a invisible evil.
He's like God. But evil. He's everywhere, at all time, and you can't se the fucker. As far as you know, it's your grandma.
When people start feelling miserable, here comes good ol' flag. your dick may have fallen off, but if youre told it saved american apple pie, you feel like a million bucks.
That's your trigger right there.
Evil, instead of being foreign and far away, that you can hate by mail, is now being sold to you as your brothers. only this time, they're right next door, where you can do something about it.
i dont mean to ofend, but...for fuck sake...
like i said...that's some dumb ass shit. btw, find 10 fat rats, put them inside a shoebox and then watch what happens.

André said...

forget about the rats part.. i like rats... their cuddly nutsack draggin along..chewing on a aborted fetus..lovelly creatures