Aug 12, 2009

The Baby Jesus Answers My Prayers

Turns out there is a God.

Add former Sen. Rick Santorum to the list of potential 2101 Republican presidential candidates.

POLITICO has learned Santorum will visit first-in-the-nation Iowa this fall for a series of appearances before the sort of conservative activists who dominate the state GOP’s key presidential caucuses.

The Pennsylvanian, who lost his 2006 re-election bid, will visit Iowa on October 1st, appearing on a Des Moines radio talk show and speaking to a luncheon and workshop of Iowa’s Right to Life group before heading east to Dubuque, where he’ll headline a fundraiser for the conservative America’s Future Fund PAC and then speak about the future of the GOP to a public audience in the Mississippi River city.

He's like the dumber, male version of Sarah Palin. If you combined Sarah Palin with an empty box, you'd have Rick.

I look forward to the insanity of Ricky.

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paul from the clue-by-four said...

Santorum is an evil revenant who will still be alive in 2101? Why am I not surprised?