Aug 5, 2009

Man Makes Giant Pile of Stupid

This is glorious.

Have you heard of "mountain top removal?" It's a method of mining where they just rip the top of a mountain off. It's very popular in Appalachia, as you can see in this Vanity Fair article titled, The Rape of Appalachia.
With mountaintop removal, it's the landscape that suffers: mile after mile of forest-covered range, great swaths of Appalachia, in some places as far as the eye can see, are being blasted and obliterated in one of the greatest acts of physical destruction this country has ever wreaked upon itself.
Sweet. Who doesn't love it when a mountain gets what it has coming? But now we have a new exciting reason to tear the top off a mountain to find what's inside (usually Goblins). Joe Lucas, vice president of communications for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, explains the awesomeness of tearing the top of a mountain off.
I can take you to places in eastern Kentucky where community services were hampered because of a lack of flat space — to build factories, to build hospitals, even to build schools. In many places, mountain-top mining, if done responsibly, allows for land to be developed for community space.
That's kick ass! You can build shit on the flat part! Just think how many factories we could have if we ripped the top off all of our stupid mountains! Yay, technology!

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