Aug 13, 2009

Gay Stop Fail

This is a sad day for self hating gays.
Focus on the Family will shed its controversial Love Won Out program for transforming homosexuals into heterosexuals because of budget troubles, the conservative media ministry said Tuesday.
God is more about turning a profit. Plus, he's less upset about a dude putting another dude's balls in his mouth.
"The economic challenges led us to this strategic decision," Focus vice president Gary Schneeberger said Wednesday. "Love Won Out is not an inexpensive event to stage, and rarely, in over 50 cities where it's been held, have we ever made back our investment, despite good attendance."
Gays are cheap. Noted.

For those gays who don't know what to do now, I recommend going old school and getting a beard.


Jezcabelle said...

that made me smile - thank you

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