Aug 26, 2009

Christians Christianing

As a Facebook fan of Sarah Palin, I often receive messages from the lady Messiah. Last night, she wrote up a nice message about Ted Kennedy's passing and offered her sympathies. Being a normal human being, I wrote a comment that said something like, "You're disgusting. How dare you express any sympathies after all of the vile hate you have spewed out of your mouth."

One of her minions was not impressed.

I actually would not mind being stuck on Satan's pitchfork with Ted. It actually sounds like a pretty good time.

Then Winston remembered that he is a Christian who doesn't know how to spell.

Good people. Apppppology accepted (For being a Christian). Don't you wish they would all apologize for being Christians?


Jason said...

Heh, classic.

Bob said...

A Christain? Isn't that overt blasphemy? He really should be ashamed.