Aug 31, 2009

A Revolutard

Please stop the Nazi, Socialist, Communist president.


Bob said...

Who is this "they" that he is speaking of? Would that be the same "they" that planned on putting marine troops in American neighborhoods to search and seize as they pleased? Oh no wait...That was Dick Cheney and he's a christ based believer so it couldn't have been him. Hmmm, could that mysterious entity have been the ones that hired all of their employees from Regent and Liberty university only based around their right leaning political views? Oh. Nope, that was Gonzalez and other christ cancers at the Dept. of Justice. Well maybe it was those "theys" that lumped together the war on drugs...ahem excuse me war on pot, with the war on terror?
Ahh shit, wrong again. That was also a Bush era Dept. of Justice policy...

As was detaining supposed anarchist group activists in San Francisco. Removing war protestors from presidential town hall meetings, putting plain clothed spys in citizens rights groups, gathering intel on med pot activists, putting Americans on no fly lists that they don't need to give you a reason for and other aggretious acts against the common man in America.

Amazing how nine years can just somehow slip by a man who has pickled his brain and been given a Tv show.

pagnaet said...

A revolution is brewing. Too bad its being over-shadowed by racist teabaggers dont know the difference between Nazi and Communist, that dont believe in science, but do believe in their right to healthcare over anyone else, despite the blackhole of money that is the War on Terror. Fuck. Is it the Apocalypse yet?

André said...

either this guy is the single greatest comedy genius since the first guy to be pwnd by a banana peel, or someone just needs to put the sod out of his misery

anf just who the fuck came up up with the term teabagger movement?
teabagging is not a movement, is a move where you press shift to crouch your virtual balls in some dead noob